Monday, November 21, 2011

Passions that drive your journey

I was really suprised to learn that there were actually 9 areas of passion according to Nancy Fichtman Dana.  These 9 passions provide a wide area for action research. I found it somewhat difficult at first to formulate a "wondering" for each one of these areas, but I believe that with practice it will become easier.

Friday, November 18, 2011

How educational leaders might use blogs

Educational leaders might use blogs to communicate with each other. They can build a support system, by sharing their concerns and problems with other educational leaders, who are in the same situation or have been in similar situations in the past. Blogging will allow them to share possible solutions seen from a wide variety of different perspectives. It can serve as a tool for professional development and educational leaders can reflect on each others thoughts, which lends itself to professional growth.

Action Research

Action research improves both teaching and learning, because it allows the teacher to reflect on his/her teaching practices, make adjustments to the teaching process and assess the teaching through the use of student assessment data.  It allows the teacher to validate his or her teaching practices, continue with the strategies that are effective and replace those that prove to be ineffective.  While conducting action research educators are also able to analyze data to pinpoint areas of learning which pose problems to students, identify possible causes and suggest new strategies to elevate student learning. Educators receive help and input while conducting action research from a wide variety of sources and people during their review of professional literature phase.  This review is of great value to teachers, due to the fact that the educator is able to find evidence of successes, and instructional strategies that address the teacher's area of focus. In addition to finding a wide variety of resources, the action research also allows the educator to share
information and collaborate on a suitable course of action with other educators.

I will use action research to find a solution to the problem our school is having with the lack of parental involvement. This topic was actually not my first choice, since I thought I should address the inconsistent grading policy or should I say the none existing grading policy of our district. However, after talking to the Parental Involvement Person at our school, I  came to realize that something had to be done to get parents to become more involved with their child's education. At a parent meeting that was held on our campus just a few days ago, we had four parents show up. I refuse to believe that only four parents care enough about their child to get involved with their education and therefore their prospects for the future.

Other areas of concern and in need of action research would be ELL learners, their educational needs and ways to improve their benchmark scores.