Sunday, April 1, 2012

EDLD 5326 School Community Relations Reflection

EDLD 5326  School Community Relations was a very insightful and informative class. I can truly say that I learned alot, and that I will be able to use alot of the information for my action research, which actually deals with parental involvement. I attended several web conferences for this class, and as always they proved to be very informative, but also repetitive at times due to the fact that everyone is concerned about TK20, ILD, and LCE. My concern during this class was that most of the time the links for the web conferences where wrong, that I have no records for the web chats, since they dissappeard along with previous announcements from the Epic homepage, and that I still don't know which question I got wrong on my MidTerm.
Dr.Jenkins and Dr. Abernathy as always did an outstanding job, and I am blessed to have such wonderful teachers, Thank you!!