Sunday, February 19, 2012

Web Conference Reflection

The January 29, 2012 web conference was a very informative session for me.  I had attended a web conference for my previous class, so I was familiar with it and knew what to expect.  I found it wonderful however, to have to chance to not only talk to Dr. Abernathy, but to Dr. Attaway as well. These web conferences are so valuable to me, because I get to ask questions and receive information which I would miss otherwise.  It is a great help with clarifying assignments!   On January 29th, many students were attending a web conference for the first time, and had problems getting their audio and video to work, so many classmates had to resort to good old typing in order to participate. Many had questions about our second assignment and the class wiki, also the meaning of Web 2.0 Tools was an eye opener for many, since  most of us, including myself, had no earthly idea of what that meant and entailed. Many of us, including me, liked to get a head start on our assignments and worked ahead by downloading all the assignments as soon as they were posted in Epic, but it became painfully apparent that this was not a good thing, since the assignments were outdated and the weekly overview had the most recent instructions and assignments which we needed to follow.  Thank God for those web conferences to clear up any confusion!!!!! The discussion board posting also presented a lot of questions for many students, since some were still under the impression that they had to respond to each article and reference at least three quotes.  We also got this cleared up and everyone was happy to hear that only one quote had to be referenced and a well developed response written.  Questions about the LCE were raised and answered, not only by Dr. Abernathy and Dr. Attaway, but also by classmates.  I have attended several web conferences since that particular one, and I am glad to have participated in all of them, since something new is brought up each time.  Thank you so much for all your help Dr. Abernathy and Dr. Attaway, it is greatly appreciated.  Thank you my fellow classmates, I have learned a lot from your discussion board postings and video chats. Thank you Dr. Eaton for keeping us up to date.

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