Saturday, December 3, 2011

Action Research Outline

Action Research Outline
Goal: Increase Parental Involvement

1.  Setting The Foundation –
During a conversation with Mrs. Aleman, PIP clerk at our campus the issue of the lack of parental involvement on our campus was identified as a problem.
 2. Analyzing Data –
Using a variety of data gatherings (interviews with Mrs. Guajardo, Director of Parental Involvement, Mrs. Aleman, PIP clerk on campus, Mr. Ruiz, Communities in School, Mr. Torres, Principal, Dr. Vidauri, Asst. Superintendent C&I), as well as electronic searches (Google on how to increase parental involvement in schools, and getting information from the  National Center for Family & Community connections with Schools website) it became apparent that there are possible solution and steps that can be taken to increase parental involvement at our campus.
3. Developing Deeper Understanding –
Conduct additional interviews with Mrs. Guajardo, Director of Parental Involvement, Mrs. Aleman, PIP clerk on campus, Mr. Ruiz, Communities in School, Mr. Torres, Principal, and Mrs. Vidauri, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction, to identify the pros and cons of implementing various activities to increase parental involvement.
4. Engage In Self-Reflection – Why is it that parents only want to come to meetings, when there is free food or when prizes are offered?  Is there a cultural aspect to the problem? Does attendance have a correlation to parental income levels?
5. Exploring Programmatic Patterns – I will interview a variety of people to gather data and to gain more insight into the problem.
6. Determining Direction – A. I am attempting to increase parental involvement.
                                           B. I will revise the area of resources needed as the research evolves.
                                           C. Most of the work will be done by me, but I will work collaboratively with the persons interviewed to analyze data and come up with possible solutions.           
                                           D. I believe that my timeline is realistic.
                                           E. I will monitor the plan on a monthly basis.
                                           F. Levels of success are measured by the data obtained, the discussion and implementation of changes to be made and the identification of new strategies, and the observable increase in parental involvement during parent meetings.
                                           G. Revisions to the plan will be made based upon data, observations, and new findings.
7. Taking Action For School Improvement – I will use a written plan of action to monitor my action research.
8. Sustain Improvement – I will share the findings of the research (problems, new strategies and changes needing to be made) with my campus, and the district. I will also post my findings on my blog, as it might be of value to someone else.

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  1. I like your subject for research. We have the same issues at my school. The only thing that gets our parents to show up is offering food or their child is performing. It is going to be very interesting to see what other ideas your research comes up with. I would love to take back some ideas to my campus. If I find any from our searches I will pass those ideas along to you. Good Luck.