Friday, December 2, 2011

Revisions to SIP/PIP based on monitoring and assessments
 Identify possible causes for minimal parental involvement at the junior high level.
Interview Mrs. Cynthia Guajardo, Director of Parental Involvement
Interview Mrs. Aleman, PIP Clerk               Interview Mr. Ruiz, Communities in School Interview Mr. Torres, Principal Interview Dr. Vidauri, Asst. Superintendent for C&I

Tape recorder to conduct interview, prepared interview questions.
Time to conduct interviews and to review data.

Ruth S. Garrett
January to February, 2012

review of the data collected to identify possible causes

Identification of what needs to be implemented / changed to increase parental                        involvement at the junior high level.

Follow up interview with  Mrs. Cynthia Guajardo, Director of Parental Involvement, Mrs. Aleman, PIP Clerk ,                 Mr. Ruiz, Communities in School, 
Mr. Torres, Principal
Dr. Vidauri, Asst. Superintendent C&I
Conduct Parent surveys,                  Student surveys

Parental and student surveys need to be printed and sent out.
Tape recorder to conduct interview, prepared interview questions.
Time to conduct interviews, review data, and to write a proposal listing changes and new strategies.

Ruth S. Garrett

March to April, 2012

A proposal listing the changes and new strategies needed to increase Parental Involvement.

More parents attend Parental Involvement Meetings
Implement new strategies and changes that came about due to the research into the planning of the next parental involvement meeting.

Time to attend Parent meeting, conduct a head count of parent attending, questionnaire for parents to evaluate the meeting.
Ruth S. Garrett

April to May, 2012

 April/May, 2012 Parental Involvement Meeting and Parent Surveys.


  1. Ruth, this action plan will definitely make a difference with your students, have you thought about grandparents as well, sometimes the parents are working two jobs and don't feel they have time but it could be another idea. Parents do make a difference in the way the student's act if their parents or neighbors see how the school is run and helping in different volunteer positions. Great idea!

  2. Parental involvement is so important, especially to student achievement. At my previous school we hosted a TAKS meeting and only three parents came. The students whose parents volunteered and were visible on campus, were more successful academically. Several schools would benefit from your action research plan because parental involvement is a statewide issue.
    As you conduct research, look at how KIPP and YES Charter schools address parental involvement. They have been very successful over the pas few years. Good luck on your project.

  3. Susans idea's of getting the grandparents involved is fantastic. The more family members that are actively involved in promoting student success in school the better. Also how active are the PTOs and PTAs in your district? They would also be an excellent resource.

  4. Parent involvement ia very important but also limited due to working parents. I am interested on the results of your research plan and how it can be effective in upper grade levels. The results of your interviews will be interesting as well.