Friday, December 16, 2011

My Personal Reflections for EDLD5301

Through the lectures and required readings in this course I learned that action research is a reflective practice, which allows me to think critically about my own practices in order to bring about change which is necessary to improve our school environment. In action research a question is posed based on a "wondering" and listening to Dr. Chargois, Johnny Briseno and Dr. Kirk Lewis helped me to see how the “wondering”  will develop into action research.
The assignments seemed overwhelming at times, but as it turned out they provided me with much needed practice for self-reflection.  Still, I find the reflection part one of the most difficult areas for me.
The discussion where very informational and I gained a lot of insight into what others are doing for their research and their feedback is a tremendous resource.  I enjoy going back to read what others wrote for their discussions, which in turn helps me.
Blogs can be a great resource for educators. Creating the Blog was a scary thought at first, but after posting to the blog a few times, it became easier and easier. I enjoy receiving comments on my blogs and I have also posted feedback on several other blogs.  Blogs can be used to discuss a wide variety of topics, and are a powerful tool for collaboration among students and professionals alike. I hope that I can find others that are engaged in the same kind of research as I, and share my concerns, activities and findings with them.
The web conferences were great, because I was able to ask many of my questions and concerns regarding the action research, assignments, TK20 just to name a view.  I was able to get clarification on some of the requirements and hear what others had to say.  It also provided me with a chance to meet other classmates and interact with them.

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